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Who were louis vuitton louis vuitton womens parents cheap louis vuitton handbags There a number lv uk handbag of websites out there that sell replica louis vuitton handbags.There are a number of 'grades' of these replicas though.All her friends think it's louis vuitton uk online shopping real.Lol.You can buy online.I have one. Hey!I have two louiS vuitton bagS,one Speedy30 and one pochette acceSSoirreS.Here are a few wayS to tell if a louiS vuitton bag iS a fake:1.Stitching the Stitching on an authentic Lv will be extremely uniform,even,and Symmetrical.The thread uSed on the monogram canvaS Should be a yellow gold colour.2.HandleS if the handleS come wrapped in plaSticOrtiSSue,it iS moSt likely fake.Real LvS will come in a duSt bag but normally will not be wrapped in tiSSueOrplaStic.AlSo,The leather on authentic LvS iS made of cowhide and Should feel Soft to the touch.The leather will alSo darkenOver time.3.Price if the price SeemS too good to be true,it probably iS.LouiS vuitton doeS not hold SaleS and no oneWitha real Lv iS going to Sell it cheap i would not take any chanceS to Save money by buying off ebay,etc.I would but it right from louiS vuitton So there iS no doubt that it'S real.4.LogoS on Some bagS,Such aS the Speedy,the logoS will be upSide down on one Side becauSe louiS vuitton makeS the SideSWithone continuouS piece of leather,which meanS one Side iS flipped.AlSo,the logoS Should be evenly Spaced and Symmetrical on both SideS.The logoS Should be Spaced So they do not fall under a handle,etc.5.LockS moSt authentic Lv bagS do not have lockS on them check the louiS vuitton webSite and compare the pictureS of the real bag to the other one they Should be identical.If not,don't buy the other one!6.The fabric on the inSide Should be Soft and good quality.LouiS vuitton iS very nice for the day. (It alSo haS elegant night bagS don't get me wrong)But chanel haS nice bagS for the evening.And if you were thinking about getting itAnd theprice waS to much uSe theSe tipS1.CounterfeiterS are now incorporating Signature detailS into fake louiS vuitton bagS that are difficult for the untrained eye to See.With the brand'S imitated logo plaStered on 99% of all Lv bagS in the marketplace,there'S a big chance that web retailerS are Selling fake bagS beyond new york'S infamouS canal Street.There are numerouS thingS to look for like the color,Serial code,placement of logoS.I have written an entire e book on how to Spot a fake.I waS So fed upWithbeing ripped off that i further reSearched it and all the information iS in my e book,"How to Spot a fake louiS vuitton handbag. " It haS Saved Some people100'S of dollarS by being able to Spot a real bag right away!Well to Start off with,you Should look to See if the inSide iS old and cruddy and what it feelS like.Remember theSe are expenSive bagS!They have the SmootheSt SuedeAnd themoSt Soft,pluSh leather,So they Shouldn't feel like rough cheap bagSWithbad materialS.PluS look at the Lv logoS,are they different?And are there weird heartS and cloverS to replace the other flowerS?And pluS Some ShapeS don't come in the collection,and Some collectionS you See could be a fake due to the fact the chineSe create fakeS that don't even exiSt! .They Shove on a Lv logo on a random bag and you could call it a deSigner fake.LaSt but not leaSt,definitely check Serial codeS and if the logoS are too cloSe together,and if the logoS aren't lined up carefully and perfectly at the Stitching,then it'S fake.AlSo feel The leather and canvaS it Should feel Smooth and Should look Shiny(The leather).The only exception to thiS iS on Some of the tieS and ScarveS.All monogram canvaSeS will be the Same on all leather goodS.On the damier canvaS,the boxeS that Say"Louis vuitton paris"On them will be Spaced 9 SquareS apart both horizontal and vertical(4 dark and5 light).Anything elSe iS fake!The price if you get louiS vuitton for under,Say,$250OrSo,you aren't getting a bargain,you're getting a fake.Lv never goeS on SaleOrclearance,So be carefulWithinternet purchaSing.Bag priceS range from $250OrSo to $4,or $5,000.The hardware on moSt of the bagS,the zipperS and buckleS will be braSSOrgold.On Some,though,they can be SiLver.AlSo,pay attention to how the Lv'S are carved into the zipperS:Look at them under magnification.If they are clean cut and Smooth there'S a chance it may be real.Don't depend on thiS,though.Many counterfeiterS pay cloSe attention to detail.The leather the handleS,StrapS(If any),and/or trim will uSually be a white colored cowhide that will oxidize(Change to a darker honey color)Over time.If you are purchaSing a vintage bag then the cowhide will already be oxidized.When it iS new it will be white on the Surface but the inner part will be a red color,and that will alSo change color.If the white doeS not darken,it iS fake.It will Start oxidizing within the firSt few weekS.The bottom will alwayS be plainWithno hardware.Some bagS comeWithlockS and keyS(MoStly the damier canvaS bagS)That are uSually goldOrbraSS like the hardware on the bag itSelf and uSually have a big Lv monogram carved into them.The packaging Lv bagS never comeWithtagS attached.They may have Some paperOrwrapping around the StrapS/handleS,but that'S it!No price tagSOrbarcodeS!The inSide the inSide of a bag Should alwayS have a Small Slab of leather(That will alSo oxidize)With"LouiS vuitton Made in france"Hot Stamped into it.It can alSo Say"Made in italy","Made in Spain","Made in germany",or "Made in uSa". If it SayS anything elSe,it'S fake. I don't really know what all tHey can Say,I only own Six bagS and tHey all Say "Made in france". Some of the women'S purSeS may not have thiS,but there will alwayS be Something verifying where it waS made. Location,location,location Be aware of where you are buying your Lv productS. ThiS,by no meanS,meanS that if tHey are Sold elSewhere that tHey are fake. The date code and Serial number All Lv productS have Serial numberS,but all bagS have both a Serial number and a date code. The only people that can read the date codeS are the people that work for LvOrhave experienceWithLv productS.Both codeS(In a bag)Will uSually be hidden behind Some flap of leaherOrcanvaS and can be paintedOrhot Stamped.The colorS on the multicolor SpeedyS and purSeS there are never any redOrturquoiSe"Lv"S. Some may be baby blueOrSome other darkOrlight Shade of blue,but never turquoiSe.And the"Lv"S can alSo be pink,but never red. AlSo,Multicolor bagS never have bowS on them.The font on the patches that have"Louis vuitton paris" hot Stamped into them,pay cloSe attention to the font uSed. There are very round O'S and pointy A'S,V'S,and N'S.The font should not be narrowOrsquared off. If So,it'S fake. The material For Some reaSon,counterfeiterS juSt peel off The leather from a real bag and paSte it on a fake one (why not juSt Sell the real thing,right? ).If the product is faked from scratch then the material used is more than likely not going to be real leatherOrcanvas.Instead it will be plastic and will chip and crack easily. The extraS Never be fooled into thinking a product iS real juSt becauSe it comeSWiththe boxOrShopping bagOrthe "Original receipt". ItemS Such aS thoSe can be fakedWithextreme eaSe. The duStbag The duStbag Should be a very Soft flannelOrcotton material that iS a brownOrtan colorWithNO HINT OF RED!The only thing that will be on the outside is an embossed"Lv".If it says anything under it like"Louis vuitton paris",it'S fake.Internet auctions if a seller on ebay is repetitive about"100% real"Or"All sales final"Or"No refunds",there'S a 99.99999 percent chance it's FAKE.About 98% of the listings of designer products are fake.Fyi:No authentic product from a french design house would ever be labeled"Made in paris"Instead of"Made in france",(Or whatever the actual manufacturing country of origin is).Stamped on hardware. Therefore,anything labeled "Made in paris"Cannot be authentic. If it were,then we'd See origin labelS on productS like "Made in rome(Milan,Delhi,Beijing,Sydney etc. )"Orprovince/State nameS.

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