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Gwyneth paltrow confessed being in love with cheap michael kors wallets keanu reeves on a recent hello ross!Show, according to a post on the zap2it blog on oct.14.But paltrow only did so because she was asked which celebrity she had a crush on as a younger gwenie.Paltrow said that at the age of 15 she carried a torch for the heartthrob.And who can blame her, keanu still manages to send women hearts racing, and his upcoming role in man of tai chi, which will be in theaters in just a couple of weeks, is bound to draw a large female crowd even though he is pushing 50 years old, and even though its not really a chick flick.

But it wasn the celebrity reeves that paltrow ended up dating when her acting career took off, it was brad pitt.But she didn say anything to michael kors cheap store ross about that romantic relationship, which spanned three years from 1994 to 1997.

So did gwyneth paltrow ever get to meet reeves in person?And would she want a chance to have dinner with her former crush now if she didn ross mathews didn ask those questions, unfortunately for us.So we are left to wonder if the two ever met, and how that went if they did.Those who still think keanu reeves is one hot guy to have a crush on, regardless of the age, michael kors bags should check out these movie trailers for his upcoming release man of tai chi and his december film 47 ronin, which both show a very buff reeves.

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