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Water polo to benefit from diocesan's aquatic centre

The opening of the $12 million aquatic centre at diocesan school last friday adds another top class sporting venue to the increasing list of outstanding facilities at auckland schools.

Water polo will be the greatest beneficiary from the opening of the new pool but other water sports too will benefit.

The pool, opened by governor general anand satyanand, is the first at a new zealand school with a moveable floor(25m x 20m x 2m).Also allowing for eight 2.5m competition lanes, the pool was made in the Netherlands and shipped to New Zealand.

A team of dutch workers installed the varo flooring in november.

By lowering the pool to a maximum depth of 2m it will also accommodate underwater hockey.

Chris hayward, chairman of auckland water polo and on new zealand water polo's board of directors, welcomes the new pool but says it will not completely alleviate the shortage of pool time for his sport in polo ralph lauren shop online italia auckland.

"Auckland has four large water polo clubs, but all lack sufficient pool space for training,"Said hayward. "Feeding these clubs are a large number of schools, but again training space is a critical issue.At least http://www.ascoe.it/ there is not the same concern for competition play.

"Water polo is one of the fastest growing ralph lauren uomo pony polo sports in auckland schools.While finding time for competition is not a real burden it is not so easy to find sufficient training time. "

New zealand water polo chief executive nick cowan too welcomes the addition of the pool at the diocesan school for girls but backs hayward's claim they could do with more.

"A truly international venue for all aquatic disciplines is paramount in auckland,"Said cowan. "Auckland relies mainly on one major venue for its major aquatic events [henderson's west wave aquatic centre]. "

While some schools have pools capable of hosting swimming and other disciplines, there borse ralph lauren outlet remains a real shortage of pool time.

Kirsten hillier, from macleans college, said pupils at her school, one of the biggest in the country, are stymied in their endeavours to play water polo.

"We do not have a 50m pool so we have to go to sacred heart to train,"Said hellier. "That makes it expensive as we have to pay a fee just to practice as well as the travel costs to get there. "

Macleans have just held their annual swimming sports but had to go to a municipal pool in papatoetoe.

Other schools are better off.

Sacred heart, mt albert grammar and epsom girls grammar are now joined by diocesan in having top class aquatic centres on site while rangitoto college pupils have only a short walk to use the pool at the millennium institute of sport and health.

In other sports, auckland schools are reasonably well served.

A number of schools, including tamaki college, avondale college, st kentigern, westlake bhs, auckland grammar and alfriston college have gymnasiums capable of hosting premier basketball.Tangaroa college will soon join that list.

Many of these facilities are available for local community use.

Outdoors, artificial hockey turfs continue to be opened around the city, with kings college last year joining that list.

Kings have their turf inside an all weather running track.Mt roskill grammar, avondale college, auckland grammar, st cuthberts college and rangitoto college all have regularly used hockey turfs.Rangitoto also has a two wicket indoor cricket school.

Westlake ghs is set to join the artificial set, with a hockey turf and two synthetic soccer fields planned to replace fields left so boggy in the winter they become almost unplayable.

From the time the home team won the toss and elected to bat, they were always in control.

Palacio and clayton stewart(21)Scored a run a ball 42 in a solid opening partnership.Palacio and clinton sinclair then maintained the momentum, adding 115 for the second wicket before spinner james martin claimed the first of his four wickets.

Palacio and josh gibson, who went on to score 54, added a further 31 runs before palacio, on 81, was bowled by phillip le lievre.

After 50 overs the home side had posted an impressive 275/9 which quickly became more than enough as the visitors lost three wickets to palacio in the eighth over.

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